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We help brands harness the power of the new technologies that are changing the way we experience brands, entertainment and art, using exponential technology for a positive impact.

saga ecosystem

A creative community of interacting companies and their technological environments.

We strive to use technology as a force for good.

At the apex of art, technology and positive impact stands SAGA.

We are an investment firm whose goal is to understand how we can positively blur the boundaries between artistic creation and digital innovation for the modern era. We use this understanding to invest in projects, people, stories and companies that epitomise all of these three core disciplines.

We are building an ecosystem of companies that revolve around art, technology and impact.

Our mission is to leave the world in a better state than we found it.

We aim to do this by creating an ecosystem of companies via our investments and our hands-on approach, that puts societal and environmental change at the forefront of its consciousness.

SAGA is the spark that ignites the fire of positive impact and powers this ecosystem of companies that live and breathe the same collective outcome.
Together, the future is limitless.

We are untraditional investors.

Unlike typical venture capitalists, we are for the many not the few and we are hands-on, not hands-off.

Through our investments and expertise we aim to bring true depth of meaning to the industries that inspire us and to create positive change and meaningful outcomes from the inside out.

Our team:

Peter Mann


Successful businessman in commodities trading, Peter Mann is an art passionate and a Ferrari enthusiast. As a motor racing aficionado, he’s the incarnation of self-reinvention. At 56, he changed his life and made his dream come true by stepping on the gas in the racing arena. Surrounded by the sound of an engine’s symphony, his first race was the 24 hours of Spa, winning it in 2014. Behold a self-made man fuelled by motivation and inspiration.

Rachel Sebban

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of Jérôme Dreyfuss brand, Rachel Sebban’s DNA runs on power and wonder. Symbol of a step forward businesswoman, she started her career as a chief legal officer and then made her mark in the luxury fashion industry. As a real-life talented wonder woman of the modern world, success grows where Rachel goes.

Helen Lovely Francis

After many years as a CFO of a world renowned energy and agricultural company, Helen Lovely Francis brings her corporate and financial expertise to Saga to help ensure a long lasting development fueled by the passion of a changing world.

Luca Babini

Chief Creative Officer

Luca Babini is a renowned fashion photographer and filmmaker, honored with many awards. Since April 2016, he started combining environmental  art and sustainable development to awake a brand new conscience. As a creative director, eco-adventurer and environmental artist, he stands at the frontline of raising environmental awareness. In collaborations with UNICEF or on the PLASTIKI expedition, he stands out from the crowd as a believer, a maker and a darer.

What’s the future of art?

DANAE is a platform for digital technologies that recognises that the way we experience art in the 21st Century is changing. They facilitate the collection and trade of unique, single-edition, digital artworks. Each artwork is tokenized and certified via blockchain to prevent forgery and provide chronicled provenance. It is a revolutionary new way to interact with art and the internet.

What’s the future of art?

THIRD RAIL ART is a street art and digital art platform that facilitates the purchase and promotion of street art around the world. It not only promotes a collaboration within the street art world but it has built a strong partnership with Akumal Arts Festival to help foster this artistic community and bring together hundreds of people from local towns to greater Mexico and around the globe.

We believe our most important asset is our expertise. At SAGA we don’t just invest, we play an active role in our investments.


We play an active role in shaping and forging a forward path amidst this revolution in art and technology. We work alongside you and your business to bring about the most positive impact and the greatest reward.


Together our four founders have a wealth of experience in the following industries: luxury, sustainability, sport and commodities, alongside marketing, finance, legal and web design and mixed reality. Our unique difference is our unparalleled understanding of these industries, and our hands-on approach to helping you succeed.


At SAGA we strongly believe that we have the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to make a real difference on a global scale, and we aim to do this using the transformative power of artistic creation and positive impact through exponential technology.

Are you involved in art, tech or positive impacts?

Do you want to make waves on a global scale?

Do you want to use business as a force for good?

We would love to learn more about your idea.

Tell us more.

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